Indoor Netball Rules


Victorian Netball Association (VNA) rules apply. A copy of these rules are available from the centre manager.

The following rules will also apply to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment out of your game:




1. Teams consist of 5 players, however you cannot have more than 2 males on court at any one time.

2. A game consists of 4 x 8 minute quarters.

3. All nets are in play INCLUDING BACK NET.

GA = Full court except defending goal circle.

GD = Full court except attacking goal circle.

GS = Attacking half

GK = Defending half.

4. After a goal is scored, the GK must stand behind the line under the goal, and the first pass to 

5. 2 males cannot play GS and GA, or GK and GD.


6. OVER A HALF: The pass will be deemed over a half if:

7. A shot that goes through the ring after hitting the back net is a successful shot.

If left foot lands in goal circle(grounded foot) the right foot lands out of goal circle, the player cannot come back into the goal circle and shoot,i.e must pass.

All game fees MUST be payed before each game. This makes life a lot easier for staff behind the counter, and ensures all games start on time.

The umpire’s interpretation of any rules shall be final. Any player removed from the court must not enter the game until the completion of that quarter or at the umpire’s discretion.
Note :
Any player sent from the court should not normally be allowed back on the court. There are no substitutions for a player sent from the court.